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Jackpot Details

Jackpot will begin on Friday, April 19, 2002 with an evening welcome reception that will last several hours. This is part of Jackpot and is mandatory. Therefore, we suggest that team members arrive in Las Vegas by early afternoon on Friday. We will provide hotel accommodations for your team, and your van will be available for packing on Friday at the hotel. After the Friday event, your team will have a chance to sleep before beginning the race in earnest on Saturday morning.

Your entrance fee to Jackpot buys you an unforgettable experience, covering almost everything except travel to Las Vegas. We provide quality accomodations on the Strip and a van pre-stocked with select equipment and custom snacks. All your meals will be prepared, including dinner Friday, three meals Saturday, and breakfast Sunday. There will also be a reception Sunday afternoon once all the teams have finished. Alcohol will be included where appropriate. We are working very hard to make Jackpot one of the best experiences you'll ever have. For all this, the entry fee is only $420 per person and we're confident that you'll feel that Jackpot is worth every penny and more.

Teams competing in Jackpot need to meet certain requirements. A team shall have 4 to 6 members, no more and no fewer, all over 21 years of age. Co-ed teams are preferred, though not required. The selection process for the limited number of teams will be based on applications, which are due by February 22nd.

Filming Details

We are pleased to announce something else that sets Jackpot apart: Jackpot will be filmed. The goal of filming is not just to document the adventure's clues and sites, but also to capture eureka moments and share this unique experience with a wider audience. Interest in events like Jackpot is on the rise, and the time is right to share a taste of our world. The filming will not interfere with the play, but teams may be required to allow camera equipment and/or a camera person in their vans. Although filming is a new idea for most teams, our recent experiences tell us that it will be enjoyable both during the game and long after.

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