Celebrity Discs Clue Solution

The Celebrity Disc Clue Solution

The first hint, "Mars loves Venus", contains a lot of information about how to solve this clue. First, it hints towards treating the discs as the 9 planets, specifically the red one as Mars. Secondly, it hints that the solution will have something to do with a love interest of the people pictured. In fact, the first thing to do is to put the discs in the order in which they appear in the solar system, from closest to the sun to furthest from the sun, using the relative size of the discs to decide which disc corresponds to which planet. The years on the discs correspond to wedding years, so for each disc, it is necessary to identify the people pictured and then the people they married in the year stated (or, in the case of Mars and Adam, simply the person they loved). Once you have identified all the love interests, take the first initial of that person's name (last name if there is one), which gives you two letters for each disc. When each disc is oriented the right way, a message will be spelled using first the letters on the front of the discs and then the letters on the back. With some trial and error and knowledge of where you might be going next, you can find an orientation that says "HOOVER DAM" on one side. The other side then says "ELEVEN LOT", as shown by the picture below.

The teams had to drive to Parking Lot 11 at Hoover Dam, which was on the Arizona side of the lake.

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