Flag Solution

The Flag Puzzle Solution

The first thing to notice is that the clue is written on a flag used to communicate in semaphore. In the lower right hand corner of the flag is a key - a 3x3 grid with the numbers 1 through 8 on the outside and the letter 'P' in the middle. On the flag pole was written "P=68" (this is at the top of the digital version of the clue). If you draw lines from the 'P' to the 6 and the 8 (P=68), you get the same arm position that signifies the letter 'P' in semaphore. Go to all instances of letters on the grid and draw in the lines corresponding to the arm positions that signify that letter in semaphore. If you do this, you get the following.

You can see that this is the right approach. Can you see how to fill in the rest? Click here to see the rest of the solution.

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