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News and Press

7/17/08 -- JPT is now doing business as Shinteki, and has launched a new website promoting its public and private offerings. Check it out at www.shinteki.com.

5/10/05 -- Just Passing Through introduced Shinteki Decathlon, a new annual 12-hour event with ten puzzling categories.

3/20/04 -- Just Passing Through has introduced a new event, Shinteki. Check it out at www.shinteki.com, and play in one of our 12-hour May events.

11/1/03 -- The November/December issue of Stanford Magazine features an article about the game. Check it out here .

7/25/02 -- The Jackpot wrapup section now contains a scrapbook with pictures and video from the making of Jackpot and the Jackpot weekend.

7/8/02 -- Check out the new Jackpot wrapup section. It contains a lot of information about Jackpot, including the pre-Jackpot activities, the banquet (with Bob Scruem's full presentation), the participants, detailed clues, the results, and thank you pages.

7/8/02 -- The September issue of Games Magazine features an article about Jackpot. Check it out here!

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