Pool Clue Background

Pool Clue Background

Many elements led up to this complex clue and site combination. Teams arrived at the Techatticup mine and were introduced to the mine's owners. One of the owners, Tony, then took the team to the mine entrance and began to give them a short tour. The teams had been told by the answer to the previous clue to look for Matt Simon, and towards the end of the tour, Tony introduced Matt, a miner who had accidentally killed himself while working in the mine. Right in front of Matt Simon's skeleton were clues labeled with the Jackpot logo. Tony pretended not to notice and turned to continue the tour.

The teams had to reach behind the iron bars to grab their clue, which was a treasure map written on a piece of denim, in two parts with two X's clearly marked. When the teams got out of the mine, they were left to explore by themselves. The two pictures on the denim corresponded to two different buildings on the property: the doctor's shack, which had a large underground space, and a barn that had several floors of eclectic items lying around and hanging on the walls.

The X on the picture of the barn was all the way at the top. Teams had to climb all the stairs and ladders to get to the top floor, where the rack of pool balls was displayed. The X on the picture of the doctor's shack was downstairs and seemingly in the wall. When the teams got there, there seemed to be nothing on or next to the wall. If they investigated thoroughly, however, they noticed that one of the timbers in the wall was loose and could be removed to reveal a hollow spot behind it.

In the wall, the teams found a physical hint for solving the pool balls clue. Instead of showing it on this page, we are linking to another page from here and from the main puzzle page, so that those who really want to challenge themselves can try to solve the clue with no hints whatsoever.

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